RV Lithium Systems Australia products are the brainchild of
Perth’s premier 12 volt Specialist,
Paul Kearns of  Install A Gadget,
a name many may have heard around the campsite over the last 17 years.

Boasting 27 years experience, Paul and his small family business
are meeting the demand for reliable, high quality and outstanding performance Lithium Battery System installations for Caravanners and Campers. 

australian business
Together with nephew Rob and son Jake, their custom, made to order products are painstakingly designed and developed for our harsh Australian conditions and are exhaustively tried and tested, setting them a million miles apart from mass produced, imported Lithium .

Building tidy, quality systems specific to the needs of its clients, Install A Gadget devise weight saving RV Lithium Battery Systems for caravans, campers and motor homes and offer a complete Portable System especially popular with 4WD owners.

With the potential to outlast regular AGM deep cycle batteries at least four times over, “The Lithium Box” is the perfect solution for those who like to change their vehicle or RV every so often.  “The Lithium Box” remains with the owner, continuing to provide convenient, reliable off-the-grid power.TLB100V2 Side and front

“The Lithium Box” comes in a 100 and 160 Ah option as standard and accepts charging from solar, the vehicle and of course 240 volt.  With a range of convenient options such as Chargers, Inverters and Bluetooth for Battery Meters from renowned brands Redarc and Victron Energy, Install A Gadget can customise to suit.

In addition to a Mobile Service for installation of an extensive range of 12 volt gadgetry like brake controllers, solar systems, rear vision cameras, to name a few,  Install A Gadget has expanded to a workshop where its RV Lithium Systems are meticulously built and expertly installed.

Call Paul on 041 44 33 8 99


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