Install A Gadget design and build custom RV Lithium Systems to suit the needs of the client and their Recreational Vehicle (RV).

No custom system is the same, varying in size and shape to suit, in 12 or 24 volt.

At the heart of all our systems, we build our batteries to the required size as one battery, employing one Battery Control Unit (BCU) to oversee. 

This sets an RV Lithium Battery System apart from most because we don’t parallel multiple batteries, with each having its own individual BCU.
Failure of any one of those BCU’s installed in this way, can cause catastrophic damage.

We don’t use Fully Sealed Lithium batteries...
...which means we can diagnose and fully service our RVLSA batteries, ensuring maximum life and reliability.

Even though it's unlikely an RVLSA Battery will ever have a problem, it's good to know it has this important advantage.

Fully Sealed LiFePO4 batteries contain all their electronics and battery cells within a sealed box.
It can not be diagnosed or serviced unless returned to the manufacturer who may not even be able to open it.

When sealed batteries are charging and the Battery Control Units (BCU) are operating, heat is created which is trapped inside the battery casing.
The problem with this is most sealed batteries have what is called “high temperature cut outs” which shuts the battery off when maximum operating temperatures are reached.

A sealed battery on a hot day or in an engine bay, coupled with heat created from within the battery can result in very extended periods without power while the battery waits for the heat to very slowly dissipate due to lack of venting.

We test the health and quality of the cells in our RVLSA batteries prior to installation
Cell health and quality can not be tested on a sealed battery and is therefore an unknown quantity.

To achieve maximum cycles (each time the battery charges and discharges), and therefore life from a Lithium Battery, it is important the Battery Control Unit (BCU) does not allow the battery to discharge too low, which damages the cells. 
Our RVLSA BCU’s are programmed to cut out at optimum voltage discharge to achieve maximum cycles.

Most sealed Lithium batteries BCU’s cut out at 10V which is too low to achieve maximum cycles.
A Lithium battery discharged to 10 volts should be ‘slow charged’ with a special Charger which means a regular ‘fast Charger’ is damaging the battery cells at this voltage, reducing the life of the battery.

Our Systems are handcrafted using reliable, tried and test components of the highest quality and are expertly programmed to work seamlessly with products from leading manufacturers such as Redarc and Victron Energy. 
This means an RV Lithium Systems allow all the features of these products to shine, not just some.

Reputed as leading experts in the Australian Industry, you can expect the performance of an RV Lithium System to be second to none.

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