The Lithium Box is excellent value for a system that would cost far more for a one off, custom installation into your vehicle or caravan.

An RV Lithium Systems Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery with Cell Balancing and Cell Protection

REDARC Vehicle DC Charger with Blue 50A Anderson Plug Input, protected by cell protection Redarc-logo-2014-250x135

MPPT Solar Charger with Yellow 50A Anderson Plug Input, protected by cell protection

 Battery Meter that displays the battery’s voltage, amps in or out, amp hours consumed, time to go until flat, and actual State of Charge (SOC) as a percentage. 
The Battery Meter also has an audible alarm to alert for low battery SOC or voltage.

 Automatic Low Battery SOC or voltage disconnect of accessory power sockets and automatic reconnect once the battery has received adequate charge.

 1 x 12V Accessory sockets

 2 x Engel / Waeco Fridge Sockets

 1 x Twin USB Port

2 x  50 A Grey Anderson Plug Outputs

100A Load Controller

100A Charge Controller

All encased in a unique and super tough 10mm High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Box.

All you need to add is an Anderson Charge Lead from your vehicle or solar panel with Anderson Plug attached, and you’re good to plug in your fridge and whatever 12 volt devices you need to run.

Comes with an RVLSA 60A LiFePO4 Battery (Eq, to a 100A AGM Battery)
12/24V 25A DC Vehicle Charger.
25A. Solar MPPT (Max. Power Point Tracking)
Weighs in at only 17kgs
Measures 450 x 160 x 320mmH
(add 30mm for front Mounting Foot and 20mm for the rear Mounting Foot to overall length)

Comes with an RVLSA 100A LiFePO4 Battery (Eq, to a 160A AGM Battery)
12/24V 25A DC Vehicle Charger.
UPGRADE to 40A DC Vehicle Charger available
25A. Solar MPPT (Max. Power Point Tracking)
UPGRADE to 40A Solar MPPT available for the 100 Box
Weighs in at only 21kgs
Measures 450 x 160 x 320mmH
(add 30mm for front Mounting Foot and 20mm for the rear Mounting Foot to overall length)

Comes with an RVLSA 160A LiFePO4 Battery (Eq, to a 256A AGM Battery)
12/24V 40A DC Vehicle Charge
40A. Solar MPPT (Max. Power Point Tracking)
Weighs in at only 32kgs
Measures 450 x 220 x 320mmH
(add 30mm for front Mounting Foot and 20mm for the rear Mounting Foot to overall length)
PLEASE NOTE:  This model does not come standard with two additional Anderson Plugs at the rear. 
Two additional Anderson plugs at the rear are standard on models TLB 160 BMS and TLB 160 1200VA only.

Extras to compliment your “The Lithium Box”
RVLSA Approved 240V Battery Chargers and up to 600W Plug in Inverters or larger Inverters can be permanently mounted to the Box upon request.
Bluetooth Adapter for the Victron Battery Meter to connect to your Smart Phone for convenient remote wireless display.

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The Lithium Box

Your complete

Lithium Battery System

in a portable box!


NEW Slimmer TLB





NEW 160Ah



The Lithium Bos Diagram NEW Aug 2018

INTRODUCING...THE LITHIUM BOX 160 BMS...the perfect “pop in”
Lithium Battery System...

...featuring Redarc's market leading
"Manager30" Battery Management System (BMS).

                       TLB160 BMS Side TLB160 BMS TOP

The Lithium Box (TLB) 160 BMS has all the regular features of our TLB160
but with some handy extras.

Equivalent to a whopping 256Ah AGM battery, TLB160 BMS features:

160Ah RV Lithium Systems LiFePO4 battery

65A Charge Control Circuit

100A Load Control Circuit with an option to upgrade to 220A upon request

Two front Grey Anderson plug Outputs capable of of 50A each or 100A combined

Two additional 50A Anderson Plugs on the rear of TLB, protected by individual press to reset Circuit Breakers, for extra
fridge connections

                                                   TLB160 BMS Front  TLB160 BMS REAR

The biggest point in difference to our other TLB models is of course The Redarc Manager30 mounted to the top of the box with front mounted monitor.

The Manager30 is a complete battery management system and incorporates AC, DC and solar inputs to achieve the best charge for TLB160 BMS. (For full specifications see

The Manager30 is compatible with all vehicles and alternator systems including variable voltage alternators and represents a complete DC to DC charging and maintenance solution.
It operates like 6 separate products, charging TLB battery from the vehicle while on the move, it’s a 240 volt charger, a solar regulator, a battery isolator, a load disconnect controller and all with a remote battery monitor.

The Manager30 Monitor is one of the most user friendly on the market and features an easy to read display that shows where power is coming from and going to with a simple 'at a glance' flow chart.

Upon request we can mount the Manager30 Monitor separate to TLB160 BMS or better still, provide a second Monitor to be mounted elsewhere.

Including The Manager30, the entire system fits an area as compact as 450 x 220 x 399mmH
(add 30mm for front Mounting Foot and 20mm for the rear Mounting Foot to overall length)
and weighs in at only 36kgs! That's the same weight as a 120Ah AGM battery alone!

Our systems are a totally portable all-in-one Lithium Battery System solution,
perfect for the back of the ute, camper trailer or any RV for that matter


...featuring Victron’s 1200VA Inverter
with the option to include a 240V Battery Charger to the rear!

Click HERE to see a video of Paul demonstrating it’s features.



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