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The North West Shelf Flatback Conservation Program is a 30 year program designed to help understand the ecology and demography of the North West Shelf Flatback turtle stock, which includes turtles living off the Pilbara and southwest Kimberley coasts of Western Australia.

Conducted by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, staff and volunteers research Flatback Turtles by flipper tagging and collecting valuable data so the abundance and distribution of these creatures can be determined.

Later this month (October 2017), 12-14 Researchers will spend 4 weeks flipper tagging Flatbacks on the Island of Delambre, one of three significant nesting colonies within the Dampier Archipelago.

Delambre Island is void of any facilities so participants need to be completely self sufficient over this time.

Enter....Install A Gadget with a custom designed portable RV Lithium System with Solar.

We’ll call the set up The Dept of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) Lithium Box.









The DBCA Lithium Box Stats

The DBCA was looking at an option of using 6x 120 AH AGM Batteries which would have been assembled on site and weigh 219kgs in batteries alone!

The new RVLSA batteries weigh in at a mere 50.4kg!

We wish all participants in the program fair weather, a most successful venture and maybe a small “shellebration“ when they conclude their duties.

For Further reading about the Northwest Shelf Flatback Conservation program see here:…/FullTextFiles/072176.pdf

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Photo of Flatback turtle from The Dept. of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions website, courtesy of Andrea Whiting.…/…/fun-facts/413-flatback-turtle

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