RedSands Campers

July 2019

Adam and Lucy’s Sands of RedSands Campers’ mission

is to provide Australia’s premium quality 4WD campers,

allowing their clients to experience their

ultimate self-drive adventure.

20190405_175128roof topAnd that’s exactly what they do.  Their Hilux’s are fitted with the ultimate of everything so their clients want for nothing and can relax and enjoy our beautiful Oz.

We first met Adam in 2015 and since then around 30 vehicles have come through us for accessories and off the grid power.

The first few fleets were fitted with AGM battery systems but recognising the cost benefits of our RV Lithium Systems over the long term, RedSands now opt for a custom RV Lithium System. 

Besides the cost savings, our RV20190620_154510 Lithium Systems are more efficient, provide more power and deliver more stable power to equipment like fridges.  Which means the fridges don’t work as hard, so there’s less wear and tear.

Weight savings is also a factor when choosing an RV Lithium System, as is the smaller size which means more room for clients gear.

Recently we completed Hilux number 11 to be decked out with an RV Lithium System, which consist of:

Here’s a handy FACT SHEET on what to expect from a 5 person RedSands Camper vehicle. 

So if you’re looking for a Self Drive adventure backed by five star equipment and a highly professional team who’ve thought of everything, best head over to RedSands website at and book your vehicle of choice! They have an easy online form or they can also be reached on 1300 58 90 11 or email

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