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20190307_155644Say hello to Kalgoorlie-ite Jill and David's newly installed


custom made to fit neatly on top of the water tank

of their Landcruiser Ute with Bosston Canopy.

Included in this tailor made installation...

300Ah's of LiFePO4 RV Lithium System Batteries weighing in at a mere 37.8kgs

A Redarc BCDC 1240D 40A Solar and Vehicle Charger with an additional fan to keep it cool

Two 30A, 240V Victron Battery Chargers

A Victron BMV712 Battery Meter with built in Bluetooth so Jill and David can read the meter from a Smart Device

A Victron Pheonix 800VA Inverter with a VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle

A 180W Slimline Ali framed Solar panel to the roof of the iKamper roof top tent

and an additional Solar Input Anderson plug on the vehicle to plug in two 150W Portable Solar Blankets which fit perfectly over the windscreen and bonnet of the Cruiser, giving a total of 480W of Solar Input

This version of THE LITHIUM BOX also features20190307_155653
3 x 12V Ciga Accessory sockets
1 x Twin USB Port
3 x 50 A Grey Anderson Plug Outputs
220A Load Controller
100A Charge Controller
A super tough HDPE housing

This system is designed to give Jill and David the freedom to camp indefinitely and relax knowing equipment - such as...
Two Upright 12v Engel Fridges
An Engel Drawer Fridge
A 12 Volt Travel Buddy Oven
Cameras etc
- will receive the power they need to keep on keeping on...

...which means Jill and David will be happily camping for as long as they fancy!

We wish you both many safe and happy travels!


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